Custom Parts Manufactured

As a reputable family business, we understand the needs of our agricultural customers. We are experts in the area of agricultural precision machining.

Our process creates custom parts for agricultural machinery, allowing farmers to get the most out of their equipment by ensuring that each part is perfectly tailored to their needs.

Precision Machining Parts

On a farm, it’s not uncommon for machines to break down. They’re out in all weathers, often not stored inside at night and have to endure a fair amount of rough treatment.

This often leads to parts breaking, and then the machine becomes unusable.
By using our services, we can create custom parts for agricultural machinery. The parts are made to specific dimensions and tolerances using various materials.

The process can be used to create everything from axle shafts and bearings to hydraulic cylinders and gearboxes. Precision machining is a specialised field, but we have proven experience in manufacturing agricultural machinery parts to carry out this important part of manufacturing.

We will give you a deadline for delivery so you’ll know for how long your machine might be out of action. 

By working with CA Slaughter & Sons, you can be sure that your agricultural machinery will be able to operate at peak performance. You can also rest assured that our custom parts will be an ideal fit for your machines.

Everyone wants to ensure their machines last as long as possible, and our agricultural precision machining process can help prolong their lives. New machines are expensive and often involve a considerable capital outlay.

By replacing worn-out and damaged parts, we can help you prolong the life of your machine

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We’ll always provide a transparent quote for the work, so you’ll know exactly what your costs will be.

No job is too small or large for our experts, so why not get in touch today and extend the life of your machines with our custom-built parts?

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