Steel Fabrication

From large prefabricated structures to smaller custom-built components, we’ll come to you and carry out an onsite installation, and the process is quick and easy.

Not only is the process efficient, but it’s also cost-effective, secure, and reliable. And steel is both fire and water-resistant, which will further add to your peace of mind.

Onsite Installation

Steel fabrication is the process of constructing steel structures by cutting, bending, and assembling steel plates.

Using our onsite installation service, we can conveniently construct steel fabricated structures at your premises. You’ll be able to see a return on your investment over the years as steel has a reputation for its longevity. 

Providing prefabricated structures can reduce the time required to install the fabricated structure onsite.

We’ll have created all the components in our workshop following plans discussed with you, before bringing these to your premises.

This versatile construction method allows you to erect various structures on your site.

From steel supports and outdoor staircases to columns and other steel structures, no job is too large or small for CA Slaughter & Sons. Steel gates, RSJ welding and structural steel are just a few of the services we offer.

Once you’ve decided you need our services, we’ll work with you to provide a realistic timetable and a budget, so there are no nasty surprises. All our work meets industry standards, and we only use the best quality steel.

We’re also equipped to deal with any galvanised steel tank repairs you may need.

Get In Touch

Agricultural needs are always expanding, so if you want to replace a gate or commission a custom fabrication in either stainless steel, aluminium or steel, we can help.

With 55 years in the business and a reputation for excellence, you’ll soon find that our professional and qualified staff will be able to satisfy any of your steel fabrication needs. Why not contact us?

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