5ft Grass Roller

£474.00 ex VAT

Grass Roller 5ft / 1500mm 360mm dia.

Product number: 3037

Approx Weight (Kg) 79.255

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  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Easy fill fitting for adding water
  • greaseable bearing blocks

Can be fitted with  50mm ball hitch.


  • Overall width: 64″
  • Working width: 60″
  • Diameter: 3600mm
  • Weight when full approx: 130L + 80kg= 210kg
  • Drum = 3mm thick.
  • Easy fill fitting for adding water to drum for a 440lbs/200kg total weight.
  • 355mm dia drum.
  • Greasable bearing blocks M6x1 G nips.
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