Flail Mower Side Shift 4ft 6″ Suit min 30-35hp

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Flail Mower Side Shift 4ft 6″ Suit min 30-35hp

Product number 10595

Approx. Weight (Kg) 317.555

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This flail mower has a side shift mechanism which is a type of heavy-duty mower that is used for cutting and shredding grass, weeds, and other types of vegetation. The side shift feature allows the mower deck to be moved to the side and this can be done either manually or hydraulically, allowing for the mower to navigate hard to reach places.

Fitted with hammer flails = 24 hammer blade.

Comes with PTO shaft with shearbolt protection.

PTO speed = 540rpm(2785).

Shift distance = 348mm.

Overall width = 5ft.

Suitable for paddocks and overgrown lawns.

1yr warranty.

Assembly time: 90 mins.


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