Greenman Ratchet Secateurs

£15.00 ex VAT

Greenman Ratchet Secateurs S2106

These secateurs are great for people that lack strength or have weak wrists  as they have a simple ratchet mechanism which cuts through stems with ease.

Dimensions; L: 20cm W: Closed 9cm Open 17cm

Weight: 0.26kg

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Ratcheting pruners are considered anvil pruners. They have a sharp blade, and a flat blade which does not cut but works like an anvil. The sharp blade falls on the branch as you squeeze the handles. The anvil then holds the branch so the cut can be made. If you suffer from arthritis, weak wrists or other conditions that make it difficult to use secateurs, the ratcheting mechanism is ideal for you. It allows the secateurs to cut in stages, with minimal pressure on the handles.



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