Rovatti centrifugal pump

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The Rovatti centrifugal pump T2-50

Part no.: 40504053814

Type T single-stage centrifugal pumps with transmission gear. Driven by a drive shaft or PTO shaft. Volute casing centrifugal pump with axial suction and radial pressure connection. The tractor-driven type T pumps are equipped with an E impeller which delivers maximum pressure. The T pumps are equipped with Lattyflon gland packing which is ideal for use with contaminated water. The gland packing must be adapted to the Twinner system (2 parts) so that it always leaks slightly and keeps the pump lubricated and cool. Pump supplied without counter flanges.

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* Medium pressure sprinkler systems: types T1-65A and T2-80
* Medium pressure antifreeze: types T3-100A and T4-125 (max. 6 or 8 ha)
* High-pressure rain machines/drum irrigation: types T2-50, T265, T3-80A, T3K80 / 2 and T4-110

* Connection: DIN flange
* Pump housing material: cast iron
* Impeller material: cast iron
* Shaft: steel

Further information

Version:DNa: 65
DNm: 50
Number of impellers: 1
Delivery height (m): 105
Max. flow Q (m³/h): 75
A (mm):474
B (mm):100
C (mm):101
D (mm):120
E (mm):14
F (mm):162
G (mm):210
H (mm):242
I (mm):115
L (mm):222
M (mm):200
b (mm):60
Transmission ratio:1 : 7,58
Transmission:530 x 7,58
K (inches):1 3/8″
Input shaft:1 3/8″
Weight:54.00 kg
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