SIP 12v Pro Booster 2512

£239.99 ex VAT

The SIP 12v Pro Booster 2512 offers powerful charging through a robust design which includes heavy-duty copper-cored cables and clamps, shockproof ABS casing for rugged environments, and lightweight and compact build for simple portability.

For added versatility, the 2512 has an integrated 12v DC portable power supply perfect for charging electronic devices direct from the booster.

Perfect for boost-starting a range of ATVs, motorcycles, and cars safely and efficiently, plus service, mobile, and roadside applications.

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  • 12v internal battery voltage
  • 2500A boost peak rate and 850A cranking rate
  • Robust shockproof ABS casing for added durability
  • 12v DC output socket for charging electronic devices
  • Rechargeable proven AGM technology for boost-starting
  • Purpose-designed and manufactured for high crank rate
  • Ideal for ATVs, motorcycles, and cars
  • Durable copper-cored cables and heavy-duty clamps
  • Lightweight and compact design for portability
  • Integrated LED charge rate indication
  • Complete with a mains fast charger
  • SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty*
  • Manufactured in Switzerland
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