SIP NB7.5/270 Silenced Piston Compressor

£2,445.00 ex VAT

The SIP NB7.5/270 silent is engineered to deliver powerful performance at a fraction of the operating sound. It is an excellent addition for any workshop that requires installation close to the workspace.

You can expect powerful performance in both professional and industrial settings.


  • Belt-driven performance at low noise levels
  • Soundproof cabinet enclosure with an air intake silencer
  • Easy servicing and maintenance with a quick access panel
  •  Static placement for permanent siting near workspace
  • Rubber-mounted heavy-duty saddle

SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty | Find out more

Don’t forget your SIP Anti-Vibration Mounts!

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The SIP NB7.5/270 is a silenced piston compressor designed for powerful performance with minimal operating noise, achieved through a combination of a soundproof cabinet with air intake silencer and low noise belt drive.

Designed for powerful performance in any workshop where quiet operation and installation is required close to the workspace.

  • Belt-driven performance with low noise levels perfect for close installation
  • Soundproof cabinet enclosure with built-in air intake silencer
  • Quick access panel for easy servicing and maintenance requirements
  • Heavy-duty 2-stage pump for high efficiency and performance
  • Heavy-duty rubber-mounted saddle
  • Static placement for permanent siting near workspaces
  • SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
  • Manufactured in Italy
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