SIP SUB 3010-SS Heavy-Duty Dirty Water Pump

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The SIP SUB 3010-SS Heavy-Duty Dirty Water Pump is ideal for draining off dirty water from work areas and ditches, water tanks or vessels and large ponds. This pump is suitable for heavy duty use as a temporary fixture.

Water pumps can help mitigate costly damage caused by rainwater or groundwater seepage, protecting properties or work areas from further deterioration and incurring significant costs in repair costs. They’re also great tools for agricultural and construction uses alike.

Key Features for Pump: 1kW/1.3hp Brushless Induction Motor with Float Switch For Maximum Draining Speed and Compact Design. Max 9 Meter Pumping Head

Item No:06897

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The SIP SUB 3010-SS Heavy-Duty Dirty Water Pump is ideal for draining dirty water from work areas and ditches, water tanks or vessels, and large ponds. The temporary fixture has been engineered for heavy-duty use.

Water pumps can help prevent costly property or work area damage from rainwater or groundwater seepage, while they’re also useful in agriculture and construction settings.

Applications & Usages: Used for quickly draining flooded areas in agriculture or construction environments; intended for intermittent use.

Brushless induction motor (1kW/1.3hp) draws water at up to 18,000l/h through an impeller at the pump base, producing maximum flow rates. Durable yet lightweight construction.

Fitting a float switch to ensure that the pump functions without assistance once its activation depth of 450mm has been met helps avoid running dry and overheating during operation.

Max 9mtr Pumping Head
Discharge water up to 9 meters using the pump outlet hose or pipe connection for fast drainage in targeted areas or items.

Particle Capacity
Ideal for draining dirty water with particles up to 35mm diameter.

Lightweight and compact design of this device is optimized to allow easy portability, and to lower into water (7mtr maximum operating depth). A power cable hook adds extra safety.

Stainless Steel Housing
With its robust stainless steel casing, our hardwearing and reliable housing will withstand even the harshest environments it is designed to withstand.

High-grade carbon steel pump shaft. High tensile strength compound ensures long term use.

Power cable comes equipped with a 10-meter length cable for greater versatility and functionality.

Technical Information

ITEM NO. 06897
Input Supply: 230v 50Hz
Motor Power: 1kW (1.3hp)
Flow Rate: 18,000ltr/hr
Outlet: 25mm Ø – 40mm Ø 1″ BSP
Max. Pumping Head: 9mtr
Max. Operating Depth: 7mtr
Max. Particle Diameter: Ø 35mm
Max. Water Temperature: 35°C
Body Type: Stainless Steel
Pump Type: Dirty Water
Cable Length: 10mtr
Protection: IPX8
Net Weight: 5.50kg
Gross Weight: 6.50kg
Product Dimensions: 360(H) x 250(W) x 180mm(D)
Packaged Dimensions: 440(H) x 350(W) x 410mm(D)
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