TIGREN Electronic Welding Headshield

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TIGREN’s Electronic Welding Helmet is an indispensable accessory for welders as well as fabricators. It has a 3/10,000sec light to dark response time, which allows for fast adjustment and excellent peripheral vision. This will allow for a better experience when welding.

Ideal for all trade and home MIG, ARC and TIG welding applications.


  • Large viewing area of 92.5mm x 42.5″ LCD for better experience
  • With 2 light sensors, 3/10,000sec light to dark response time
  • Variable internal control, DIN 9-13
  • Solar panel and Lithium cells supply power the system
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The TIGREN Electronic Welding Helmet is essential for any home, trade or fabrication environment. It has a large viewing area and good peripheral vision.

The lightning-fast 3/10,000sec light to dark response time prevents accidental exposure and injury from sudden brightness.

The head shield’s compact and lightweight design ensures optimal comfort and adjustment, which is not a burden on the body or a strain on the neck.

  • Large viewing area LCD 92.5mm x 42.5″
  • High-quality electronic welding shield for high-quality jobs
  • With 2 light sensors, 3/10,000sec light to dark response time
  • Controllable; DIN 9-13 variable internal control
  • For increased comfort, adjustable padded headband
  • For minimal strain on the user, lightweight and compact design allows for maximum comfort
  • Solar panel or Lithium Cell power

Technical Information

ITEM NO. 02801
Screen Type: LCD
Power Supply: Solar panel / Lithium Cell
Full Screen Size: 118mm x 95mm
Viewing Area: 92.5mm x 42.5mm
Welding Shade: DIN 9 – 13 variable internal control
Light-to-Dark Reaction: 3/10,000sec (0.00003s)
ARC Sensors: 2 sensors
Net Weight: 0.50kg
Gross Weight: 0.58kg
Product Dimensions: 190(H) x 225(W) x 330mm(D)
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