John Deere Pick up hitch lift arm kit

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John Deere Pick up hitch lift arm kit

Product number: 1406

Approx Weight (Kg) 11.416

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This is the John Deere pick up hitch lift arm kit for the 6000 series of tractors.

The kit includes two complete lift rods with nuts.

Pickup hitches are available in different weight capacities and classes. They are rated based on the maximum weight that they can tow safely. To ensure safe towing, it is essential to choose the right hitch based on the type of vehicle and weight of the trailer.

Some pickup hitches include additional components, such as brake controllers and wiring harnesses to power the trailer’s brakes and lights. These components are usually required for towing large trailers or vehicles.

A pickup hitch can be a very important part of any vehicle, whether it is a truck or another type. Towing is safer when you use the correct hitch.

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