SIP SUB 3075 Submersible Dirty Water Pump

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The SIP SUB 3075 Dirty Water Pump is ideal for draining excess liquid from a flooded cellar, basement, small water or collection tank, work site, well, or hot tub. This intermittent use pump has been carefully engineered.

Water pumps are an invaluable asset when it comes to protecting property or work areas from rainwater or groundwater infiltration, and for other garden maintenance tasks.

Key Features : Our powerful 750W/1HP brushless induction motor with an included float switch prevents pump from running dry, and an 8mtr pumping head allows quick draining of clean water with particles up to O 35mm in size. In addition, its compact and lightweight design make this unit a must-have.

Item No:06888

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The SIP SUB 3075 Dirty Water Pump is ideal for clearing away dirty water in flooded cellars, basements, small water or collection tanks, work sites, wells or hot tubs. Designed specifically to operate intermittently.

Water pumps can help mitigate costly property or work area damages caused by rainwater or groundwater accumulation, while they also serve multiple gardening maintenance needs.

Applications & Uses: Quickly drains flooded areas. Ideal for garden maintenance applications. Can be used by either residential or light commercial users on an intermittent basis.

Powerful brushless induction motor (750w/1hp) that draws water at up to 14,100LPH through an impeller at the pump base, with heavy duty wound motor that’s lightweight but sturdy construction.

Fitted float switches ensure the pump will operate independently at its activation depth of 400mm, protecting against dry running or overheating while in operation.

Max 8mtr Pumping Head
Discharge water flow to an approximate maximum height of 8 meters through hose or pipe connected to the pump outlet, thus quickly draining any area or item it was intended to.

Particle Capacity
Ideal for draining dirty water containing particles up to 35mm diameter.

Lightweight and compact design of this device features a carry handle for portability and lowering into water (7mtr max operating depth). A mounted power cable hook offers added safety.

High-grade carbon steel pump shaft with high tensile strength compound designed for long life use.

Power cable with 10mtr length cable to maximize flexibility.

Technical Information

ITEM NO. 06888
Input Supply: 230v 50Hz
Motor Power: 750w (1hp)
Flow Rate: 14,100ltr/hr
Outlet: 25mm Ø – 40mm Ø 1″ BSP
Max. Pumping Head: 8mtr
Max. Operating Depth: 7mtr
Max. Particle Diameter: Ø 35mm
Max. Water Temperature: 35°C
Body Type: Plastic
Pump Type: Dirty Water
Cable Length: 10mtr
Protection: IPX8
Net Weight: 4.80kg
Gross Weight: 5.30kg
Product Dimensions: 340(H) x 250(W) x 180mm(D)
Packaged Dimensions: 420(H) x 350(W) x 370mm(D)
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